The rooms where we spend the most time should be the most comfortable.

When an area has hot and cold spots, you cannot maintain optimal comfort. Whether you are renovating an existing room or putting in a new addition, our single zone solutions from Mitsubishi Electric are the perfect way to keep an individual space comfortable.

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How Single Zoning Works

If one room in your home lacks the airflow required to keep you comfortable, a single-zone solution is the way to go. These systems offer individualized comfort in one defined space, whether it’s an enclosed patio, home office or bonus room.

Each Mitsubishi Electric HVAC system includes one indoor air handling unit and one compact outdoor condensing unit. You can choose between wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling recessed and minimal ducted units.

Find Your Heating & Cooling Solution

With a single-zone heating and cooling system, you can keep an isolated space at your ideal comfort level! Custom Climates HVAC is an Elite Diamond Dealer Contractor for Mitsubishi Electric, the world leader in heating and cooling comfort solutions. Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation today!

How Much Does a Zoned Comfort System Cost?