Does your home have hot and cold spots?

It can be frustrating to go from one room to another and feel a drastic temperature change. This often occurs when a home has traditional cooling and heating zones: Defined spaces where the HVAC system is controlled by one thermostat. How can a multi-zone comfort system help solve the problem?

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How HVAC Zoning Works

In a home with conventional multi-zone cooling and heating systems, it’s often difficult to stay comfortable. In many cases the zones are large, sometimes covering entire floors! When expansive areas of a home are being heated or cooled from multiple outdoor units and large amounts of ductwork, it can result in uneven distribution of air.

Multi-Zone Systems

Multi-zone systems help bring use back to the rooms in your home as they were intended. Install our whisper-quiet units in the rooms you use the most or your entire house.

Our efficient comfort systems can connect up to 8 units to one outdoor condensing unit. You control the individual temperatures in each room, while saving up to 45 percent in energy costs in the process!

Go Mitsubishi by Custom Climates HVAC can install units that are whisper-quiet, non-invasive and environmentally friendly to keep your family comfortable and the air clean to breathe.

How Much Does a Zoned Comfort System Cost?

Find Your Heating & Cooling Solution

With a multi-zone heating and cooling system, the right amount of comfort is delivered when and where you want it! Our attractive and sleek split-zoning systems come in a variety of styles, including wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling recessed and ducted, to meet your design needs.

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