Comfortable Couple on CouchMitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions™ provide year-round temperature control in the rooms of your home that need it most. These systems eliminate hot and cold spots, require no room for ductwork and help reduce your carbon footprint. Our units are up to 45% more efficient than the industry competition, making Mitsubishi Electric the only choice for your family.

Whether you need a one-room or whole-house solution, we offer Single Zone and Multi-Zone ductless mini splits and high-performing heat pumps to maintain your optimal comfort level at all times. Explore our Comfort Solutions!

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Whether you lack space for ductwork or want to improve your home’s air quality, our ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps provide comfort year-round. Maintain your ideal temperature in each room while saving money on your energy bills with an efficient Mitsubishi Electric HVAC unit.
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Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps

Heat pumps were once used as a supplemental heat source, when exterior temperatures were above freezing. With Mitsubishi Electric’s hyper-heating technology, you no longer have to worry about performance in the extreme cold. Our air-source heat pumps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature when it’s as low as -17 degrees outside!
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Multi-Zone Systems

If you have trouble with hot and cold spots in your home, Mitsubishi Electric’s multi-zone heating and cooling systems can handle up to 8 rooms from one outdoor condensing unit! Set your ideal temperature in each area of the house, without compromising someone else’s comfort level in another room.
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Single-Zone Systems

For individualized comfort in a new addition, home office, enclosed porch or bonus room, Mitsubishi Electric’s single-zone heating and cooling systems are your solution. Choose the unit style that best fits the space and maintain steady airflow at the temperature you desire throughout all seasons.
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